Anatomy is a favorite subject and  seems to be what many of my sketches incorporate.  My sketchbooks bear that out.  I generally try to put an interesting spin on whatever I am sketching, or at least put it into some sort of context.  The sketch above is refined from an on-site sketch but with the help of an aerial photograph.  I walked over from my office a few blocks away to do a drawing of where trees were located around the White House.  My boss joked that I would probably get arrested and strangely enough, he wasn't far from the truth.    As I was marking my sketch with small x's where the trees were, two White House police officers appeared from nowhere and wanted to know what was up.  I had my press pass, but it still took some explaining before they let me go.

Skull of MAD's Alfred E. Newman sporting his famous toothless smile.  Notice labels off to the side indicating the parietal bone and the zygomatic arch.   By the time I got to this point, I had probably lost track of the lecture.

Started as a pencil sketch, then was scanned and colored in Photoshop and eventually used as an actual image in a graphic for McClatchy Tribune.

Page from my anatomy notebook. I added the razor saw and bone fragments just to make the image more interesting.

Study of Tiger Wood's swing and a detail of his knee highlighting the ACL (anterior crucuate ligament).

Progression and stages of a bed sore.

Knee bursae, the fluid-filled sacs which aid in knee movement.

Floor plan sketch I did while eating lunch one day. Nothing specific; different shapes and textures.

Drawing with a black ball point pen is what I prefer.  I can't say where I was going with this sketch.  Just interesting shapes incorporated into a face.

A spoof on Nirvana logos.