Old motorcycle and car parts provide the basis for many of the metal pieces I design. I try to avoid static displays, and instead incorporate a functional purpose for the design. Even the Silent Viking has an opening helmet lock that can be used to hold items.

Smoking aristocrat clock, Made from parts of 4 vintage motorcycles and a 1950 Ford


Approx. 28"  (40.4 cm)

Silent Viking, Private collection

Approx. 16"  (40.4 cm)

1950s GM headlight clock


Clock face approx. 7" diameter (18 cm)

Personalized sculptures are a lasting keepsake for many occasions including weddings, retirements, or even a favorite pet.  Sculpted in polymer clay. I would be more than happy to discuss your needs with you.  Just call or email.

My sketches often are for the purpose of eventually creating a larger shaped piece. I try to get that sort of spontaneous feel of the sketch to carry over to the sculpted piece.

Alien citizen

$30 (unpainted, unassembled)

Approx. 6" w/base (15 cm)

Alien elder


Figures are cast in  resin and are unassembled. Skill is required for assembly and painting; parts are interchangeable. The same body can be used for different heads. Alternate body is shown below. Other figures are on the sketchboard.

Standing figure can be assembled with either head. Figure is in 3 pieces, not including the base. Easy assembly.  Can be painted any way you like.

Sketches for additional flying figures.

Rockets cast in white resin and are unpainted. Ships are cast as one piece; a moon base is included. Ships average about 1 1/2 in. (5 cm) in length)

Space transports

$15 ea. (unpainted, 2 pieces)


(release TBA)

Approx. 6" w/base (15 cm)

2-piece resin casting. Assembly to base and painting will be required.

Detail of hero belt.